Susan Albers, artist, photographer, educator,
Practicing her craft as an artist since the early 1970's, Susan Albers has explored many mediums. She has won awards for her pastel drawings of the canyon country of the American Southwest, shown her impressionistic landscapes and portraits in oils, constructed large multi medium compositions of fabric, paint, natural materials and metallic leaf, and established herself as a creative photographer. Susan Albers is always reaching for new methods to express her creative intention in her finished artwork as well as her teaching craft.

A certified teacher of art with years of experience in public education( K-12), a published author of "The Complete Book of Country Swing and Western Dance with a bit about cowboys" (Doubleday 1981) and a private art instructor. Susan teaches intuitive techniques in her studio or in the field.

Her recent workshop " Painting Beyond the Brush" explores abstract painting with alternative tools. Using boards, sticks, sponges, foam, stensils and many other common items, Susan encourages her students to allow their expressive ideas to flow to the surface without struggeling with a preconcieved notion of "proper brush technique".


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